New Hair Colour, BBQ Food, Party Planning and more!

Hey there fellow readers! 

Today I'm going to share with you what I've been doing lately!

1. I went ombre! yaaay :D

I'm always changing my hair, but I never actually bleached half of my hair, so I was a bit afraid at first haha. My hairdresser (Graziella you are amazingly talented!) dyed the upper half a shade of brown, dark enough to create that contrast between the brown and the blonde lower half. She also made sure to create that gradient effect which I loved. Here is the result!

2. Barbeques!

It wouldn't be summer without delicious barbeque food! For the first barbeque, I forgot to take the cam so I sketched the food that I ate :P My boyfriend's sister has this app on her iPad, called Paper, and i love sketching on it haha

I also took some pictures of a recent barbeque, here is the amazingly tasty meat and sides that we cooked :D

3. Beachin' it

I love going really early to the beach, say arriving there at 7.30am. The beach is so peaceful at that time, the sea is crystal clear and it's really beautiful :) I'm not a type of person to stay long in the water mind you haha I just dip in, then go back on my towel and spend the morning reading, and eating :P 

4. Party planning

My birthday is next sundayyyyy wiii :D I've been planning my birthday party, together with my mum and boyfriend, and it's been so exciting! I'm having a bbq on our terrace and we're going to do a funny theme - everyone has to attend with a party wig haha :D Will definitely do a post about the party next week!