DIY Coffee & Cocoa Facial Mask (for all skin types)

Time for some pampering! :)

Today, I'm going to share with you guys a facial mask that I've been loving over the past few months, and it's SUPER EASY ! :D
The main ingredients are coffee and cocoa, and when combined together, they can provide you with a lot of benefits!

Decrease puffiness in the face and under the eye area
Brighten up your face
 Dull skin? This mask will make your skin look more energized and alive! :D

Don't I look like one of those Border Morris dancers? haha

Casual & Comfy Outfits for Nights-out/Drinks :)

For all the fashion lovers out there, here's a post for you today :)

If I'm not going for a party or a special occasion during the hot season, I like to keep it simple and wear something fun, but comfy! I've been loving the crop tops trend this summer. When looking up this trend, I found that this current trend is one of those from the 90's revival fashion. If one goes further back, crop tops were also popular in the 1950's. 

JLo, Christina Aguilera & Britney with crop tops back in the 90's! 

Collective Make-up Haul Swatches - FeelUnique & Cherry Culture!

 Hello cuties  

As I promised you in my last video, here are the swatches of the products mentioned. If you haven't watched my collective make-up haul yet, here is the link for you!  Click me please! ^.^ It was really fun filming that haul since it was my first one :)

Review: L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (Intense Black)

 Hey guys!  

As you may already know, I recently uploaded a video about how I apply my winged eyeliner. I used the L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Intense Black, and as promised, here is my review about it :)

Retails for € 7.44 from FeelUnique!

How to: Winged Eyeliner using L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim (Intense Black)

 Hey guys!  

Today's topic is: Winged eyeliner! Probably, you've tried a million times before you finally started getting to hang of winged eyeliner. I've only learnt how to draw the wing about a year ago, so no, I'm no expert. But I decided to share some tips I've learn from the youtube community that can help you draw the wing much more easily :)

Make someone smile with an easy colourful snack! :)

Time for some goodies!

Today I decided to share with you guys a little fun snack. If many of you are like me and have a sweet tooth, probably you LOVE nutella! And lucky for you, today's recipe involves this heavenly chocolate spread :D

All you need is:
♥ Sponge cake (any supermarket would have this)
♥ Nutella
♥ and some itsy bitsy coloured cuties called hundreds & thousands!

Plate from Zara Home (: they have so many cute stuff!

I decided to cut the sponge cake in little triangles, spread some nutella on the soft part on the sponge, and for some colour, add some hundreds and thousands! 

And voila', you have a fun snack which looks like you've put a lot of effort in it, but really it only took a few minutes :)

If you want to make it even better, you can always add a scoop of ice-cream in your plate!
Enjoy :D

Till next time,

Welcome back to my channel! - Clothing Haul ♡


It feels so good to be back on youtube! Filming is so much fun :) The editing can be rather tiring, but when you watch the final result, boy that feels awesome :D

I decided to start with a clothing haul. I admit, I'm a teeny weeny shopaholic. However, I usually buy items which are on sale, and I make sure I do not spend a lot of money on one particular item. One of the "tricks" I use is that for example, when I shop from ASOS, I use the save for later option, and keep following the item until the price goes down a bit :) Or even use a coupon code! 

Hope you enjoy the haul!
Please subscribe if you'd like more videos, you'll make my day! :) I really appreciate any feedback from you guys!

Till next time,

Summer make-up & delicious Maltese ftira!

Hey guys! Today's post will definitely make you hungry because I shall include pictures of one of my favourite Maltese foods; our typical ħobż biż-żejt! 

Yesterday was a typical summer day for me. I woke up late and spent a few minutes reading, checking the usual updates and emails on my iPod. I planned to go visit my auntie and cousins later during the day, and I also had a BBQ in the evening. So I decided to do a simple, but bright make-up look to feel more summery :)

The eyes were the focus of the make-up look; I did a neon coloured winged eyeliner using the Maybelline Eyestudio Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Forever (20) as a base, and to brighten it more, I used the NYX matte  eyeshadow in Matte Turquoise (ES75B). The eyeliner looked absolutely gorgeous! 

The simple make-up look

Books I've been loving!

For all you bookworms out there, we can now be reading buddies, because I've just discovered the happiness one gets when reading a good book. 
I used to be one of those girls who did not like reading at all, and when I buy a new book, it's usually because of the colourful cover or its popularity (like Twilight which I bought but never read - oh no she diqqn't). 

To start off, you should know that Mum is obsessed with crime fiction, and crime tv shows. She has a rather large collection of crime fiction books. Her favourite are those featuring Hercule Poirot, the famous Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie. And since I started reading the Agatha Christie Collection, I fell in love with them. Apart from the Hercule Poirot series, there is also the Miss Marple series and the Tommy and Tuppence series. They're so good! I also asked my grandma to borrow some Agatha Christie books from my grandpa's collection. The smell of an old book and the yellowy pages makes me want to read them more haha! Kinda feels like reading something vintage. 

Here is the whole collection we have so far: 

There's always a first time!

Hi (: 

So I decided to finally get out there and start sharing my ideas, tips and whatever people write on blogs these days. 

*long pause as I realize I don't even know how to describe myself in a few words haha*
Obsessed with Big Bang Theory (love my BaZnGa hoodie and Sheldon bobble head)
Recently discovered that reading is fun.
I'm also into science stuff (most probably since I study bio&chem at uni).
I'm a big fan of Honda cars, and I own a 1992 Honda Civic hatchback. 
I used to be a hardcore gamer but during the school semesters, I barely find time.
I change my hair colour too often.
I have a youtube channel. *link*
And I love cooking :D 

I think that's all you need to know for now! 
Let me know what type of posts, reviews or anything you'd like to see here :)

Till next time,